Welcome to Adventist AIDS International Ministry

A brief report to start 2017 by Dr. Alexis and Nellie Llaguno
Dr. Alexis Llaguno is the new AAIM Director while Nellie is AAIM Finance Officer

Thank you for your help to the AIDS ministry and the trust that the money you handed to us will be of use for the advancement of God’s cause in this earth. Truly, your numerous donations have helped us in our  difficult and challenging work considering the boundless needs compared to the limited resources. Yet we  have seen in many occasions, the meager can be multiplied when we place what we have in God’s hands.
We have been given a far greater responsibility compared to the task we used to occupy as Health Ministries Director for the southern Africa region comprising about 23 different countries. Now the scope of Director of the Adventist AIDS International Ministry  encompasses the 23 aforementioned countries plus  33 other countries of East and West Africa. Part of the reason for our appointment in this area is due to our previous involvement with HIV AIDS in all our past assignments in Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and at the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division.   We are filled with fear and trembling as we contemplate of this mind- boggling responsibility. At the same time, our past walk with God has given us the assurance of His guidance, presence and support in this new adventure. The same God who has lifted us up in our past  missionary endeavors will do far exceedingly and abundantly  for His glory.
This AIDS HIV ministry came about as a response to the this devastating  pandemic  centered here in Africa. More than 70% of the  cases are here in this region hence  the office in this area with both of us serving  the endless needs  brought about by AIDS HIV.  Our programs include orphans care, support of  those infected, income generating projects, awareness-prevention strategies , training volunteers, sanitation promotions, nutrition demonstrations  and other areas which the good Lord will impress on us.  
Here are some of the projects  that benefited and will be recipients of  your donation

Nellie with Anna Gwebu. Anna requested AIDS HIV prevention program and
for Adventist to help them with the gospel. An evangelistic series was  done  with a team from
USA and also with us. Many were baptized and Maranatha built a  church pictured at the
background in Kaphunga, Swaziland.

Goat raising projects to help augment income of those  with HIV AIDS at poverty level in Masai land,

From your donation, recipients benefited in Ngcina,
Swaziland for  a fence making income generating project.  The wires  are made into chain
Linked fence and sold. After two years, the initial seed money USD 600 has grown to USD 2,700 as they want to  embark
into  a  hammer mill to grind corn into corn flour.

Lydia Mukantwari of Rwanda.  Both parents died of HIV AIDS. She is an orphan receiving support.

Nellie wearing a leteshi dress,  the national costume of Botswana and Swaziland. Behind are women
sewing clothes, uniforms, dresses and garments  to augment income and to support children who
are poor, destitute and in need.

Plastic bags, native mats and others produced by the same ladies pictured above. The income is to
help orphans and other vulnerable groups.

Genet in Ethiopia has taught about 150 persons to learn how to sew clothes.

In colorful clothes is Kakuzi Sidonia who is HIV positive and lost her left arm in a vehicle accident. We provided money
for her buy and sell business venture. She buys bulk oil and kerosene and sells to the neighbors. She also helps others
suffering from HIV AIDS in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bags and purses made by women in Rwanda to support orphans and people with HIV AIDS.

Nobhule Nlhabatsi  is on HIV treatment for the past 12 years. Her husband passed away from the disease. She supports 5 children. She helps in the training of pastors and church members in awareness, prevention and care of HIV AIDS.
Other projects that benefited from your donation without pictures
Fungayi Mutakaeri- Both parents died from HIV. He also has HIV probably due to transmission from parents. Recently
finished  certificate in accountancy. He is doing well with HIV treatment.
Emmanuel Orphanage in Swaziland- Donations given for the care of orphans.

We are currently working on a donation of a used vehicle for the transport use of the Thamaga day care center for orphans in Botswana.

-Alex and Nellie

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