Itineraries and Programs


2015 International AIDS Society - Vancouver, Canada (July 19 - 22)
-Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention 

2015 GC World Session - San Antonio, Texas, USA (July 2 - 11)
-GC Session Exhibition: AAIM Booth (Health Ministries Section) 

SID HIV/AIDS Convention - Pretoria, South Africa (March 25 - 29)
-SID HIV/AIDS Convention 

ECD Mission Extravaganza - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (February 4 - 8)
-ECD - Celebrating 5 years: 2010-2015 - HIV/AIDS 


HIV/AIDS Seminar - Kinshasa, DRC (December 9 - 11)

International AIDS Day and Association of HIV+ - Malawi (November 28 - December 1)

HIV/AIDS Program - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (November 20 - November 26)
- HIV/AIDS Program

HIV/AIDS Workshop  - Bloemfontein, South Africa (September 4 - September 7) 
-HIV/AIDS Workshop for Pastors and University Students in Bloemfontein, South Africa

HIV/AIDS Workshop - Maasailand, Kenya (August 19 - 21) 

- HIV/AIDS Workshop

International AIDS Society - Melbourne, Australia (July 20 - July 25)

- International AIDS Society - Bi-Annual Meeting 

Geneva Health Summit - Geneva, Switzerland (July 7 - July 12) 
-HIV/AIDS Breakout Sessions

Grandmother's Project Visit - Lesotho (March 31 - April 2) 
Project Visit - King'eero, Kenya (March 12)
Project Visit - Kisaju, Kenya (March 11)

HIV/AIDS Workshop - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (March 2 - 8)

- HIV/AIDS Workshop

Project Visit - Olgumi, Kenya (February 27) 

HIV/AIDS Workshop - Caprivi, Namibia (February 19 - 22) 

- HIV/AIDS Workshop

HIV/AIDS Prevention Program - Acra, Ghana (January 26 - 30)

- HIV/AIDS Prevention Program

HIV/AIDS Prevention Program -  Lome, Togo (January 31 - February 6)

- HIV/AIDS Prevention Program


HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness Workshop in Maasailand - Nairobi, Kenya (December 2 - 7)

-HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness Workshop

AAIM 6th Tri-Divisional Advisory - Nairobi, Kenya (September 9 - 14, 2013) 

- An all Africa Adventist Convention on HIV/AIDS with the participation of more than 50 coordinators and associates. 

Youth Impact 2013 - Pretoria, Johannesburg (July 8-12, 2013) 

- Workshop on STI & HIV/AIDS

Health Summit - Papua New Guinea (June 30 - July 5, 2013)

- HIV/AIDS Education 



“This Seminar was long overdue... Networking was a plus component in the whole Seminar” (Participant from Kenya)                                      

            “The sewing workshops changed my sadness into joyful dance, and taken my loneliness away…We see that AAIM follows the word of God… as it is said that we must also act upon the Word. I give thanks to the Lord what He has done to us, the Basotho in Lesotho… The workshop also changed me from fear to go for blood test, as my husband died, killed by AIDS” (Nelly from Lesotho) 

            “I found this a very good training session. I am impressed that the focus is on the spiritual aspect of HIV/AIDS and how the participants can impact on the community…” (from a Church Lay Member) 

            “This was a seminar with a difference compared with all other HIV/AIDS (seminars) that I’ve had an opportunity to attend, and impartially rate this as top most very first class. The method of presentation is impressive and quite natural…The spontaneous testimonies…bring out the reality of the situation. It is not mechanical as the routinely and methodologically followed seminars…” (from Owendi Elizabeth) 

            “You are an inspiration to us and you demonstrate how much of God’s work can be accomplished when God’s children are obedient to His calling.” (from Joan) 

            “Throughout the seminar I have been enlighten on how to go working for work in the whole community and the church… And from here, as I go back to my church, through God’s power I am going to give light to the church members…and give the information I have received, and I believe through God’s Spirit I am going to change the attitude of people who are in our church from negative to positive; I will request them to rise and work for those infected and support them materially, socially and spiritually.” (from Mary Kemunto Ongetta) 

            “No doubt, this has been a great experience. The seminar has been conducted in a very understandable and heart-touching method: The Jesus’ Method.” (from Dan Mburu) 

            “I thank my Heavenly Father for this golden opportunity He has given me to be in Sewing Workshop and TOT Seminar… We promise that through God’s grace and prayer we are going to put our words in action and the little light that we have got from you, we will let it shine to all our churches in our district and we will all be in fire.” (from Ruth) 

            “It’s been a seminar of great help on my emotional, spiritual, social and physical life. I’ve been made to understand the virtues of “Love and Compassion”. As a result, I promise to uphold these virtues verbally and in action…” (from Fred Ayub) 

            “You’ve given me confidence about HIV/AIDS of how to make a change within our homes, churches, schools, hospitals…. My home is empty due to HIV/AIDS…” (from Pennina C. Newlife Church) 

            Your four days here in Kenya will go a long way to bring life, courage and hope for many lives both in the church and outside. You have vividly brought home the knowledge of HIV/AIDS, so clearly that the participants promised to the same to our churches and beyond, so that love and compassion may be in the heart of every Christian.” (from Ogada)