Please, find below AAIM Material. This is free to be used as long as AAIM is credited and mentioned in your presentation.  To download material just right click on the PDF once its opened and select 'Save As'.  To print directly from the document, click on the icon of the printer when you move your cursor over the lower right of the PDF.  (Translated Versions - Click Here)


 AAIM Training Manual - 24th Edition   


HIV/AIDS - Laminated Sheet

How to Organize My Church - Laminated Sheet

 Youth HIV Prevention - Laminated Sheet

AAIM Grandmothers Clubs - Laminated Sheet    

AAIM Bookmark - English (NEW and Modified)

AAIM Bookmark - English

AAIM Brochure - English (2015 - General Conference World Session)


AAIM - Original Pamphlet